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While we (Paris, Third Ave, and First United Methodist Churches) are in the process of exploring the possibility of merging and becoming a multi-campus church, it's crucial to acknowledge the complexities that arise, and engage in an honest conversation about navigating the inherent challenges in this model.


One potential challenge with multi-campus ministry is maintaining a deep spiritual connection among the congregation. The physical separation of campuses may pose difficulties in fostering the same level of intimacy and personal connection that is often cultivated in a single-campus setting. Congregants might find it challenging to form meaningful relationships with fellow believers when the community is spread across various locations.


Effective communication and cohesive leadership become critical challenges in a multi-campus model. Ensuring that the vision and values of the church are communicated consistently across all campuses requires intentional effort.


While sharing resources is a key benefit of the multi-campus model, it can also be a potential challenge. Deciding how to allocate resources among campuses can be a delicate balance, and disparities may emerge. Ensuring that each campus has the necessary support without neglecting others can be a complex task that requires careful consideration and planning.

Although financial benefits are often touted, challenges may arise in fundraising efforts, particularly when balancing the financial needs of each campus. Sustaining financial stability across all locations requires meticulous planning and ongoing commitment.


While the multi-campus model aims to be adaptable, there's a risk of losing touch with the unique needs and dynamics of each local context. Tailoring ministry to specific demographics may become more challenging, as a one-size-fits-all approach could compromise the effectiveness of outreach and community engagement.

Maintaining a cohesive congregational identity can be a struggle in multi-campus settings. Ensuring that each campus feels a sense of belonging to the larger church body while preserving its unique identity can be challenging. Distinct cultures may develop within individual campuses, potentially leading to a dilution of the unified church identity.


A crucial aspect of successful multi-campus ministry, and perhaps the most challenging in our context, is navigating theological differences while maintaining a set of core values that bridges the entire church. Recognizing that individual campuses may have unique theological emphases or preferences is essential for fostering a culture of inclusivity. However, a shared set of core values provides a unifying foundation that allows the entire church to stand on common ground. Emphasizing these core values creates a cohesive identity that transcends theological differences and promotes unity among diverse congregations.


As we navigate the considerations surrounding the multi-campus ministry model, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenges that come with such a venture. By addressing the complexities of this “new thing” with discernment, prayer, and a collective commitment to our call to build the Kingdom of God, we have the potential to unlock transformative opportunities that align with our mission and resonate with the diverse needs of our community. Your input and feedback are important as we continue to explore the best way forward, keeping our shared vision of strategic, fruitful, and inclusive ministry at the forefront.


Peace + Grace,

Pastor Jeremy



You are invited and encouraged to participate in one (or both) of the two remaining round table discussions regarding the potential merger of Paris, Third Ave, and First Church into one church with multiple campuses. Your presence and insights will contribute to the thoughtful consideration of this proposal. Join us as we come together as a community to discuss and discern the path forward for the Church in our community. 

  • February 8 @ 12 PM - Meeting Room, Big Rapids Community Library

  • February 15 @ 5 PM - Meeting Room, Big Rapids Community Library

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