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upcoming events 

board of young people's ministry funds Summer intern positions

We are excited to announce that First Church and FSU Wesley both received grants from the Michigan Conference Board of Young People's Ministry to fund summer internships - and we've already hired THREE incredible young adults to fill those roles!

Grace, Devin and Milly (you will meet them soon!)  will work together on summer projects including Wild Wednesdays, Community Block Party, FSU Wesley Student Food Pantry, Angels of Action Summer Lunch Program, Big Rapids Pride Festival, and basically anything else that comes up between now and mid-August.  As you see these young adults around the building and community, please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome!

Wild Wednesday kick off - june 7

WW will be focused on creating VBS like experiences for children on Wednesday evenings at the church, and once a month for "Big Day" events.  This ministry will be supported by a summer intern position but will require other adults to make sure everything runs well, and we are in compliance with safety standards.  If you are interested in serving, please sign up on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.


This summer we will continue our partnership with Angels of Action to help feed hungry children in our area.  This year they will be providing lunches to families on Tuesdays, so we need volunteers who are able to help on Mondays to prepare the food.  The team will gather at Angels of Action on Mondays at 10AM, starting on June 12, and will be preparing food to feed 200 children a fresh lunch for Tuesday, and packing other food for them to assemble at home on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please let Laurie Daniels know if you are interested/available to help with this incredible ministry.

neighborhood block party 6/23  2-5PM

We are joining our friends at Angels of Action, 1016Network, Salvation Army, Mecosta County Sheriff's Department, Big Rapids Department of Public Safety and more to host a Neighborhood Block Party.  We will need volunteers to make this an exceptional event!  More information is coming soon.

fall book / bible studies

We are beginning our planning for Fall 2023, and are hoping to offer several options for book/Bible studies.  If you are interested in leading an adult book/Bible study in the fall, please contact Pastor Jeremy before August 1.

Free Community MEal

First Church serves a FREE MEAL every Thursday in our Fellowship Hall.  The doors open at 4:30PM for a time of fellowship and community building, and dinner is served from 5:30 - 6:00PM.  Come and enjoy a great meal, and get to know some of the amazing people in your community!  If you would like to volunteer to serve at Community Meal, please contact the church office at 231-796-7771 or via our Contact Us page, found HERE.

Community Meal Volunteers

We are looking to enlist a few additional volunteers for our Thursday Community Meal ministry.  The areas we need the most help in is: 

  • Weekly Clean Up Crew - You would sign up for the weeks you are available to help.

  • Cook - You would be added to our rotation of cooks, with responsibility to cook every four - five weeks - or you could let us know which Thursdays work best for you!

If you are interested/available to serve please contact Mike Gibson our Community Meal Coordinator.

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